15 Terms That Can Make Your SaaS Experience Easier

15 Terms That Can Make Your SaaS Experience Easier

Assent Compliance provides SaaS (Software As A Service) compliance solutions to companies ranging from SMB to Fortune 500. During our travels we’ve encountered some SaaS related terms that our clients in the compliance department might not be aware of so we wanted to help! Below is 15 Terms you might find useful.

API (Application Programme Interface)
This is a commonly used acronym, it essentially is a piece of customized software that fetches and returns data in a useable format. This is something that Assent’s platform does very well, as it has functionality that will interface with almost all major PLM’s and ERP systems.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Set of tool(s) that are used to facilitate communications with clients. Assent has built CRM directly into our tool kit, allowing for easier management from your company to your customers

Supplier Information system
Similar to a CRM, but deals specifically with suppliers, a tool to keep track of suppliers. Assent has one of the most advanced SIS systems in the environmental compliance industry.

Agile Approach
A methodology on how to focus a development team towards business objectives while maintaining interaction with Management/Project Sponsors. Typically software that is built in very small phases.

Change Control
A safety net that is built into a system to protect the end user when background tasks or data is being modified.

Content, Communications and Collaboration (CCC)
System that allows for the management, sharing and creation of content

Communication Enabled Business Process (CEBP)
An automated system that removes or significantly limits the human delay that can occur, typically resulting in a higher ROI

Digital Content Creation
Any tool that allows for digital content to be created, whether it is audio, visual, 3D or other content

A web tool (module/page/site) that draws upon more than one tool (module/page/site)

Multi-tenant Architecture (Multitenancy)
Hardware infrastructure that allows for multiple clients to utilize one piece of hardware.

Platform as a Service (PaaS)
An online exclusive environment for building a SaaS product.

Service Oriented Architecture
The process of building internal software with the intentions of allowing third party applications or API’s to use the internal program. Governed by a set of rules.

Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
One method of creating software, 5 stage approach stemming from Requirements —>Maintenance of a finished product.

Virtual Private Networks
Similar to a Local area network but without the geographical restrictions.

The main international standards body for the world wide web, known as the World Wide Web Consortium.

Are there any other terms that you have come across not covered here? If there are any other terms you are curious about or are interested in any other services Assent provides, feel free to contact us at any time.

Assent Provides:
• Software Solutions for Environmental Compliance (RoHS, RoHS II, REACH, CLP, Conflict Minerals etc)
• RoHS, REACH, WEEE Consulting
• Engineering Assessments
• Custom Solutions and Support
• General Sustainability Consulting
• Conflict Mineral Compliance Services
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