Amendments to Proposition 65: What You Need to Know [WEBINAR]

Amendments to Proposition 65: What You Need to Know [WEBINAR]

The Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA) has recently completed new regulatory actions pertaining to Proposition 65, and companies must now determine how best to implement these changes within their programs.

To better understand what these new regulatory actions will mean for companies selling in California, Assent Compliance invited OEHHA to co-host a webinar on January 28th.

James Calder, Director of Regulatory Affairs at Assent Compliance, provided an overview of Proposition 65 and how it impacts companies selling in California. He was followed by Mario Fernandez, Staff Counsel III with OEHHA, who discussed the new regulatory actions in further detail. Fernandez was the lead on two of these actions, making him the top expert to discuss these changes.

He also talked about possible future regulatory actions.

Do not miss this exclusive opportunity to learn about these developments with Proposition 65.

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