Anti-Human Trafficking and Your Supply Chain [eBook]

Anti-Human Trafficking and Your Supply Chain [eBook]

The recent announcement of anti-human trafficking as a key priority of the Trump administration is generating considerable talk on what this focus means for businesses.

While the exact implications of this announcement are yet to be seen, the key takeaway is clear: ethical sourcing is set to become an increasingly important part of your company’s due diligence requirements.

Human Trafficking Risks and Your Company

The growing complexity of supply chains around the world has made them prime targets for human trafficking and modern slavery, with 90 percent of all forced labor imposed by private entities. Furthermore, 71 percent of companies feel there is credible reason to believe modern slavery occurs at some stage in their supply chain.

Don’t risk it. Learn how to stay compliant with Anti-Human Trafficking regulations by downloading our new eBook: ‘Anti-Human Trafficking and Your Supply Chain’.

The recent focus of international human rights bodies, civil society, governments and consumers on the issue of human trafficking is making it more important than ever for companies to consider the risks of trafficking in their supply chains. Beyond the obvious ethical implications, human trafficking presents serious financial, legal, reputational and operational risks to companies if not properly identified and addressed.

This means your company must learn to effectively navigate the ethical sourcing regulations for which it is in scope. The best way to do this is by ensuring you have comprehensive due diligence policies and programs in place to mitigate the risks of trafficking in your supply chain.

Assent’s new eBook, ‘Anti-Human Trafficking and Your Supply Chain‘, gives readers a broad overview of various global laws on trafficking and provides practical insights on the actionable steps that can be taken to meet regulatory requirements and mitigate risk, all while keeping your company’s bottom line in tact.

Chapters include:

  1. Understanding Human Trafficking
  2. The Anti-Human Trafficking & Modern Slavery Regulatory Environment
    1. U.S. FAR & DFARS
    2. California Transparency in Supply Chains Act
    3. UK Modern Slavery Act
  3. How Can Companies Maintain Compliance & Protect Workers?

…. And more!

Get the most up-to-date information on the ethical sourcing regulatory environment and how your company can maintain compliance by downloading Assent’s free eBook, ‘Anti-Human Trafficking and Your Supply Chain’. You can also contact our experienced team of regulatory experts for further details at