Assent celebrates #MyFreedomDay

Assent celebrates #MyFreedomDay

Today is #MyFreedomDay, and students around the world are running events and promoting initiatives to raise awareness of modern slavery.

The CNN Freedom Project, which launched #MyFreedomDay and operates with the goal of ending modern slavery, encourages citizens worldwide to share what freedom means using the #myfreedomday hashtag. In the spirit of this, Assent is proud to champion initiatives to end modern slavery and assist our partners in combating slavery and human trafficking in their supply chains.

Assent supports corporate social responsibility and promotes measures to reduce and eliminate human trafficking and modern slavery. Ashley McIntyre and Sarah Carpenter, two of Assent’s Regulatory team experts, are the co-chairs of the Slavery & Trafficking Risk Template (STRT) Development Committee. The STRT is an open-source, industry standard template that helps companies and their supply chains by facilitate data collection against a standardized survey.

With the data collected using the STRT, companies can more easily meet their requirements under human trafficking and modern slavery regulations, and improve their supply chain-related public disclosures.

Today on #myfreedomday, Assent celebrates our corporate partners who have embraced the STRT to protect workers in their supply chains, and all those globally who are championing initiatives to end modern slavery.

Assent Compliance is a member of the UN Global Compact, as well as a founding member of the Social Responsibility Alliance (SRA), the parent organization of the STRT Development Committee.

To learn more, download the [ebook] Human Trafficking, Slavery & Your Supply Chain, email us at or visit the SRA website.