Assent University: Compliance Learning Management System

Assent University: Compliance Learning Management System

Regulations are constantly evolving, and so are the compliance requirements they place on companies.

In order to ensure their compliance programs remain current and efficient in the face of these regulatory changes, companies must focus on education throughout the entire supply chain. An educated supply chain is engaged, communicates efficiently and is prepared to adapt to changing regulatory requirements.

This is of huge benefits to companies as they navigate the changing landscape. However, managing educational requirements for an entire supply chain can be a seemingly impossible task for some companies, and as such, is often neglected.

So how do companies access and manage this essential compliance education?

A compliance learning management system, like Assent University, combines leading-edge technology with educational resources to provide companies and suppliers with the most robust compliance education available. It offers professionally-created courses on supply chain compliance and risk reduction in multiple languages. Users have access to an array of additional features, such as course completion monitoring and custom learning paths, while logged into the Assent University Classroom. Companies can control and manage the educational requirements of internal employees and suppliers.

The Classroom is complemented by the Resource Library, a compliance resource look-up center filled with additional free educational materials on a variety of compliance topics. Resource Library users do not require an Assent University login to access materials. The resources are updated frequently to ensure companies and suppliers have the most current information.

Additional educational resources include:

  • Ebooks
  • Whitepapers
  • FAQs
  • Past webinars
  • Templates
  • Guides
  • Videos
  • Infographics
  • …and more!

Assent University provides companies and suppliers exclusive access to educational materials to manage complete learning initiatives or supplement existing internal ones. Companies and suppliers benefit from expert-created content available at their fingertips to educate and engage the entire supply chain.

Assent University is the solution for companies who strive to develop successful, well-informed compliance programs that meet the need of changing regulatory requirements.


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