Beyond Risk Identification: The Assent Audit & Inspection Manager

Beyond Risk Identification: The Assent Audit & Inspection Manager

As a solution provider that works within and informs the compliance space, Assent prides itself on forming deep, productive partnerships with its clients. Now, Assent is broadening its services to include audit and inspection data management, enhancing the most complete supply chain data management solution in compliance.

The Only Audit & Inspection Solution in Compliance

Without a proactive supplier engagement strategy, customers have to rely on enforcement agencies to perform intermittent scheduled audits. While these audits can be comprehensive, they don’t provide the proactive risk mitigation companies need in today’s regulatory landscape. Although the Assent Campaign Manager helps companies determine risk areas, a due diligence campaign does nothing to improve the efficiency of the auditing process.

Let’s say you have reviewed the results of your anti-bribery, anti-corruption campaign, and one of your suppliers has been identified as high-risk. You can then either send your own personnel to perform an audit, which involves paying for transportation, travel time, accommodations, and meals and incidentals, only to potentially wait weeks for a final report; or, hire a local third-party auditor, who collects data in unintuitive spreadsheets and provides information in final reports. These audits are hindered by a lack of access to data and inconsistent reporting standards.

Given the time-consuming nature of both these options, and the inadequacy of the data yield, it isn’t immediately clear what action needs to be taken. Obtaining these results is hard enough, and working with the supplier to implement corrective action can be even more problematic and expensive. A great deal of time may elapse before your company gets the results it needs, and perhaps only to find out that changing suppliers is the only acceptable course of action.

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Automating Corrective Actions

The Assent Audit & Inspection Manager picks up where campaign results leave off, evaluating the criteria that labeled your supplier as high-risk and creating a customized audit plan. You can then share that plan with local third-party auditors, building a more functional relationship by providing them with detailed workflows and data points. This effectively cuts the audit time in half, providing your company with better, more applicable data at half the cost.

Once the auditor has entered their findings into the software, you can then outline necessary corrective actions (such as Assent University Classroom training courses) through the Assent Audit & Inspection Manager. Depending on the severity of the results, you may decide to switch to a different supplier altogether.

New Solution, Same Assent Values

The Assent Audit & Inspection Manager leverages the same regulatory support and intuitive software design principles that made the Assent Compliance Platform the most exciting solution in the compliance space. It works in cohesion with the Assent Compliance Platform to manage audits once high-risk suppliers have been identified, and acts as an interface between your company and on-site auditors. This cuts down the amount of time it takes to perform an audit, improves results and provides historical access to all data, providing you with cost efficiency that no other compliance software solution can offer.

Assent is ready to do more for your company. For more information about how you can leverage the Assent Audit & Inspection Manager to take corrective actions in your supply chain, and improve the overall efficiency of your supply chain risk management program, contact Assent at