Budget Forces ECHA to Scale Back Database Plans

Budget Forces ECHA to Scale Back Database Plans

The planned European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) database will be scaled back from the version originally planned because the ECHA couldn’t get the necessary funding from the European Commission.

The European Union (EU) Waste Framework Directive 2018/851 required the ECHA to implement a database for all Substance of Very High Concern (SVHC) data for articles placed on the European market. Under the directive, the ECHA was intended to have the database in place by January 5, 2020, and companies are required to report starting in January 2021.

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However, the European Commission couldn’t approve the necessary budget to complete the work, so the ECHA will only be able to develop a prototype with reduced functionality by the release date. The ECHA says the prototype database will have limited service on a minimal IT system and will work to test what a final system will look like.

The cost of building the prototype is estimated to be 900,000 euros, which will come out of the ECHA budget. After the prototype is built, the agency said, they have plans to redesign the tool and add additional features.

The goal of the database is to make information available to waste treatment operators and consumers to improve chemical management during waste recovery.

Companies that will need to report into the database must collect the necessary data surrounding SVHCs in articles from their suppliers. This may require surveying the supply chain.

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