Case Study: Why Santa Chose Assent

Case Study: Why Santa Chose Assent

Assent has clients in every vertical selling to every market across the globe.

In many cases, our clients must comply with not just one or two environmental regulations, but dozens of separate requirements as their product portfolio expands and they enter new markets. How does a compliance team manage such a task? To help answer that question, we reviewed the process Assent underwent with global manufacturing giant – The North Pole Company Inc.

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The North Pole Company (TNPC) is one of the world’s most famous and beloved brands. Like all companies, TNPC has a wide variety of compliance requirements in the areas of ethical sourcing, materials management and safety. As TNPC’s customer base has grown into the billions, it’s been important to scale the compliance team and ensure they have the proper tools to meet changing regulatory demands. Prior to working with Assent Compliance, Nick Claus and his compliance team were managing their compliance using spreadsheets and file folders. They needed a better solution.

Watch the video below, then take a few moments to review the case study and learn how Santa and his compliance team used the Assent Compliance Platform (ACP) to save Christmas. You can download the case study by clicking here.

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