Clothing Manufacturer Alert: 3 Steps to Avoid a Recall

At Assent Compliance we are fortunate enough to have consumer goods manufacturers of all stripes as customers. Recent news out of the EU sawhad their clothing line banned because they contained band chemicals. This is a catastrophe for companies both financially and from a PR/brand management standpoint. (Note: This was not an Assent Client J). This clothing manufacturer had to take a few easy steps to avert this crisis, here are 3 that we suggest.

1. Manufacturer / Supply Chain Communication: There is a strong possibility that this company did not manufacturer the clothing line themselves. If they did not. trying to get a full material disclosure from their manufacturer and an internal analysis or analysis from a partnered consulting firm could have seen that banned chemicals were being used. This could have then been switched out and crisis pre-emtively averted.

2. Automation: One advantage to using an automated environmental compliance software solution to gather material declarations is that often times the system, once a banned chemical or SVHC is declared will notify the brand manager so they can take action. In cases like Assent clients, Assent is able to have eyes on almost all declarations AND have an automated alert when SVHC’s are entered into the system. Not 100% but pretty close.

3. Testing: While testing can be costly doing random spot tests is usually the best way to go, both to keep manufacturers honest, and to guarantee the firms you’re sourcing your goods from stay on the ball as well. Under Assent’s consulting program we’ve provided stewardship of this process for many of our clients and it’s usually quick and painless and if done randomly across a small sample size won’t bread the bank.

By having the right systems, processes and partners in place it’s easy to avoid a recall situation. Are there any steps your company has in place that have helped ? Share with us at

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