CMRTs: Everything You Need To Know [WEBINAR]

CMRTs: Everything You Need To Know [WEBINAR]

Conflict Mineral Reporting Templates (CMRTs) are the lynchpin of any conflict minerals compliance program. They’re used by suppliers to submit conflict mineral data to their clients. Without them, there would be no efficient way to accurately fulfill compliance requirements.

That being the case, it’s imperative suppliers not only submit their CMRTs, but provide accurate information and avoid common mistakes in their forms.

On February 25th at 1PM EST, Assent Compliance hosted a webinar titled CMRTs: Everything You Need To Know. In this webinar, our compliance specialists reviewed the newest CMRT form, common mistakes found in CMRTs and best practices. They also discussed the importance of submitting CMRTs to clients upon request.

In this webinar, you will:

  • Review the newest version of the CMRT
  • Learn how to avoid common errors when filling out and submitting CMRTs
  • Discover best practices when filling out your CMRT
  • Recognize the importance of participating in your client’s conflict mineral program
  • … and more!

When an invalid CMRT is received, compliance specialists must follow-up with the supplier who is often required to submit a new form. Considering most suppliers must submit CMRTs to several clients, understanding what makes a valid CMRT will save them a considerable amount of time and effort, and make the process much easier.

For in-scope companies, understanding what needs to be included in CMRTs and how to identify invalid submissions is key to the integrity of their compliance programs.

This webinar is a fantastic opportunity for both suppliers and in-scope companies to address these issues and improve their experience with CMRTs. 

If you have any questions about CMRTs or conflict minerals, contact us at or read our blog.