[Ebook] Is Compliance Automation Right For Your Company? Find out in 10 Minutes

[Ebook] Is Compliance Automation Right For Your Company? Find out in 10 Minutes

When is it time to look for a compliance solution? The answer is fairly straight forward. Most companies at a
certain size need an internal compliance team. This is usually done through the Quality department, EHS or the
establishment of a dedicated Regulatory Compliance department. If you are reading this, you are most likely a
member of that compliance team in whatever form it exists or an executive who is responsible for that division.
At which point do you invest in compliance automation software/services?

Download the latest Assent Ebook to find out: Assent — Compliance Automation _ Costs and Case Study

Chapters Include:

Chapter 1: Is Compliance Right for Your Company?
Chapter 2: Compliance Automation Costs – Comparison Vs Full Time Equivalent Hire
Chapter 3: The Business Case for Compliance Is Getting Easier To Make
Chapter 4: What’s Next? . 15
Chapter 5: About Assent Compliance – Corporate Overview/Products

To review in deeper detail please join us for our upcoming webinar on the topic on April 22nd at 1pm EST.


–          When should companies look at compliance software solutions?

–          How much does compliance software cost? (For Small, Medium and Large Enterprise).

–          What solutions are on the market? How to tell which is right for you.

–          Case studies from retail, aerospace and manufacturing with costs and results.

–          Q/A.

Who Should Attend?

–          Compliance Managers

–          Companies that have compliance challenges (workload)

–          Companies that have compliance challenges (data, reporting or analytic)

–          Companies looking at a solution or looking at upgrading their current solution

–          Executives looking at compliance cost savings



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