Compliance Essentials: Why You Need the Assent Campaign Manager [WEBINAR]

Compliance Essentials: Why You Need the Assent Campaign Manager [WEBINAR]

Communicating with your suppliers is an essential part of any compliance program.

Through email, compliance managers are able to audit their supply chain, collect data and pass along important information, including policies and procedures. However, the larger a supply chain gets, the harder it is to manage your communications.

Assent Compliance can help.

On April 26th, Assent Compliance’s Jonathan Hughes demonstrated the Assent Campaign Manager, the most comprehensive compliance tool available to compliance managers.

This webinar covered:

  • How the Campaign Manager will benefit your compliance program
  • How to leverage strong communications, reporting and analytics to improve your program
  • The benefits of automated supply chain communications
  • … and more!

Download the webinar here.

The Assent Campaign Manager gives compliance managers the tool they need to automate and manage their supply chain communications. Using this tool will provide an immediate boost to efficiency in your communications processes, improve the strength of your compliance program and facilitate the collection of data from the supply chain.

Some of the Campaign Manager’s key features include the ability to schedule and automate send-outs, link with Assent’s comprehensive supplier database to create custom contact lists and quickly create new communications campaigns with the click of a button.

Download the webinar today to learn how the Assent Campaign Manager can greatly enhance your compliance program.

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