A Compliance Manager’s Wish List for the Holidays

A Compliance Manager’s Wish List for the Holidays

A year in the life of a compliance manager is filled with mountains of data, cumbersome spreadsheets and constant changes to regulations. It’s enough to make Santa take notice. While compliance managers may ask him for a variety of tools to help them meet these challenges, there are certain items that should be at the top their lists this holiday season. 

1.  An Automated Solution

A robot butler no doubt exists on the wish lists of some children, but automated support should also be at the top of any compliance manager’s wish list. An automated compliance program can efficiently collect data from even the most complex supply chains, and give a compliance manager valuable time back in their day. With the right program, they can also automatically aggregate and collate data, and produce reports to satisfy various regulatory requirements.

2. Regulatory Expertise

Santa is omnipotent, but compliance managers are not, and when they are constantly trying to keep up with regulatory changes, they don’t have time to adapt their programs for the future. Even the most dutiful compliance managers can benefit from a regulatory expert, which lays the foundation for more efficient programs.

3. An Educated Supply Chain

Some suppliers are naughty and others are nice, but engaging with all of them is the responsibility of a compliance manager. Regulatory changes require frequent instructions to suppliers to help them understand what is being asked of them and accurately submit data. With an educated supply chain, compliance managers can have confidence in the data they receive, and suppliers are better equipped to respond to requests for data. 

4. Professional Development Opportunities

Personal development isn’t just for new year’s resolutions — there are many opportunities for a compliance manager to grow in 2020. Through informative webinars and leading industry events, Assent provides education, resources and networking opportunities to empower compliance managers.  Visit the Assent Compliance Events page to see the exciting things in store for the new year.

5. Better Insights From Data

There are valuable insights to be mined from the mountain of information received from the supply chain, but a compliance manager doesn’t have a workshop full of elves to help with data analysis. The right platform provides a compliance manager with robust tools to organize and analyze data efficiently, resulting in better insights and more informed decision-making. 

Unwrap Assent This Holiday Season

Assent Compliance, the global leader in supply chain data management, can grant these wishes through the Assent Compliance Platform — no holiday miracle required. By automating data collection and reporting, Assent streamlines compliance programs to scale with growth. This best-in-class technology is supported by world-renowned regulatory experts and dedicated teams to help customers succeed. To find out more, contact us at info@assentcompliance.com.