Conflict Minerals Reporting Template 3.01 (CMRT) Download Here

Conflict Minerals Reporting Template 3.01 (CMRT) Download Here

[Note: CMRT 3.01 is an older version of the template. The current template is CMRT 4.01b. Click here for more information on CMRT 4.01b and to download the template.]

The new Conflict Minerals Reporting Template has been released. Here is the file. Conflict Mineral Reporting Template For 2015

The major question for firms is, “What is the difference between the EICC GeSI Form used for 2014 conflict mineral data collection and the new form?” We’ve put together a guide to help below. At a top level:

The latest round of revisions to the EICC GeSI Conflict Minerals reporting template has been released Version 3.01 now referred to as CMRT previously named EICC GeSi template. CMRT 3.01 was designed to better synchronize the CFSI CMRT data fields with the current IPC-1755 Standard.

The CMRT 3.1 has seen major changes including the following: 1. Addition of new company information fields. 2. Two additional 3TG sourcing questions and removal of one. 3. Minor changes to question text throughout. 4. Expansion of instructions and definitions. 5. Updated translations of all modified text. 6. Updated smelter information including new smelter ID’s

Download Assent’s full guide here: Difference Between EICC Gesi Form and CMRT 3.01

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