Conflict-Free Sourcing Initiative Releases CMRT 4.20

Conflict-Free Sourcing Initiative Releases CMRT 4.20

The Conflict-Free Sourcing Initiative (CFSI) has released Conflict Minerals Reporting Template (CMRT) 4.20, an update to its industry-standard conflict mineral data collection template.

The CMRT 4.20 replaces version 4.10. Download CMRT 4.20 here.

Among the changes are updates to the CFSI’s Smelter Reference List. The Smelter Reference List is the list of smelters that meet the CFSI’s definition of a legitimate smelter or refiner. An industry best practice is to validate smelter data declared in a company’s supply chain against this list as part of a company’s performance of due diligence.

The CFSI has removed 17 facilities from the Smelter Reference List. Reasons for this vary from the temporary or permanent cessation of smelting or refining, to the CFSI finding out the facility never actually met its strict definitions of a smelter or refiner.

At the same time, the CFSI added nine new facilities to the list.

Other updates in CMRT 4.20 include:

  • Corrections to bugs and errors
  • Additions and clarifications to instructions and definitions
  • Update to ISO short names for certain countries
  • Improvements to translations of instructions and definitions

The CFSI’s next planned version update is in April, 2017.

For more information on CMRT 4.20 and questions about changes to the Smelter Reference List, contact our regulatory experts at