Discover the Power of Data with Full Material Disclosures [WEBINAR]

Discover the Power of Data with Full Material Disclosures [WEBINAR]

What’s in a product?

Companies are required to answer that question when they comply with certain declarable and restricted substance regulations. In order to accomplish this, companies must be diligent in their data collection. One of the best ways to achieve this is through full material disclosures (FMDs).

As the name implies, FMDs are used to collect data on every material present within a product. Under the IPC-1752A Standard, customers may request any of four types of declarations (Class A, B, C or D). These range from simple yes/no surveys (Class A) to full homogeneous-level product declarations (Class D). Only Class D is considered a full material disclosure.

On July 14th, join Assent Compliance’s James Calder for an informative discussion on FMDs, what you need to know, what you need to collect from your suppliers and how to harness the power of collected data for your programs.

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James will also demonstrate Assent’s free-to-use material declaration builder. This tool allows users to build all classes of material declarations within IPC-1752A, including Class D FMDs, without requiring in-depth knowledge of the standard.

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To learn more about FMDs, download our ebook Full Material Declarations: A Better Way Forward.