Emergent Standards & Expectations on Corporate Conduct: Why This Matters To Your Business [WEBINAR]

Emergent Standards & Expectations on Corporate Conduct: Why This Matters To Your Business [WEBINAR]

As governments worldwide continue to set rigorous standards for corporate conduct, businesses are faced with ever-increasing regulatory requirements to comply with these growing initiatives.

The United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights reflect the global consensus on responsible business conduct, compelling states and the corporate sector to protect and respect human rights while working to ensure effective access to remedy for victims of human rights abuses.

This global consensus is rapidly being translated into the national legislature of member states. Both the UK Modern Slavery Act and the U.S. Federal Acquisition Regulation on Human Trafficking are representative of this emerging trend towards more firm standards and expectations for the corporate sector with regard to human rights.

In both cases, companies face significant risks if found to be non-compliant, including fines and legal ramifications. This makes it essential for your business to begin working on satisfying these expectations as soon as possible.

On January 26, join Ariel Meyerstein of the United States Council for International Business, and Sarah Carpenter of Assent Compliance, for an expert-led webinar on the implications of emergent corporate conduct standards and the expectations these place on your business.

You’ll also learn how your business can manage risk by responding to these early insights on regulatory and soft law developments with regards to corporate conduct. You do not want to miss this opportunity to hear from world-class experts on how you can avoid risk and comply with these initiatives in an evolving regulatory landscape.

For more information about the latest trends in corporate conduct and compliance, contact our regulatory experts at info@assentcompliance.com.