[Webinar Replay] Compliance Software and Your Company — When to Buy and Why

[Webinar Replay] Compliance Software and Your Company — When to Buy and Why

Watch NowAt a certain point there comes a time to invest in compliance automation software for companies in scope of Dodd Frank, REACH, RoHS, Prop 65 Etc. In this webinar we will cover the costs, the use cases and the results that companies have seen when they have implemented solutions. This webinar was scheduled for Tuesday April 22nd at 1pm EST.  If you would like a private session for your team, Assent is happy to provide a complimentary lunch and learn about compliance software automation in 2014. 

The slides are available here: Compliance Automation Webinar Slides

Download The Sourcing Compliance Vendor Ebook Here: Compliance Software Vendor Sourcing

Download The Compliance Automation Ebook Here: Assent — Compliance Automation _ Costs and Case Study


–          When should companies look at compliance software solutions?

–          How much does compliance software cost? (For Small, Medium and Large Enterprise).

–          What solutions are on the market? How to tell which is right for you.

–          Case studies from retail, aerospace and manufacturing with costs and results.

–          Q/A.

Who Should Attend?

–          Compliance Managers

–          Companies that have compliance challenges (workload)

–          Companies that have compliance challenges (data, reporting or analytic)

–          Companies looking at a solution or looking at upgrading their current solution

–          Executives looking at compliance cost savings

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