EU Parliament Approves Drafts of Product Compliance Regulations Covering Online Platforms & Safer Products

EU Parliament Approves Drafts of Product Compliance Regulations Covering Online Platforms & Safer Products

The European Parliament has approved the drafts of two new regulations that, if enacted, would affect those who aim to do business in the European Economic Area (EEA). The first draft is for platform-to-business relations and the other is in regards to the market surveillance of products.

The draft regarding platform-to-business relations aims to halt any unfair processes in the digital marketplace. With more than one million European Union (EU) enterprises trading through digital platform providers such as Amazon, eBay, Apple and Microsoft app stores, and through social media and price comparison sites, this regulation will necessitate transparency of those markets. It will also prohibit sudden changes in terms and conditions, account terminations, product delisting, adverse ranking criteria and any lack of redress mechanisms.

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The second draft, focusing on market surveillance of products, aims to enhance checks made by national authorities and customs. The core aim is to prevent unsafe products from being placed in the EU marketplace by establishing a data sharing network between more than 500 different authorities in the EU. This network would cover products entering the EEA in any capacity, including online marketplaces, whether built in the EU or imported. This regulation would necessitate the economic operator placing a product into the EU not only has compliance information available, but also lists a reference person for compliance communications prior to placing a product on to the market.

This regulation, as described on page four of the market surveillance of products draft, aims to:

“[Strengthen] the single market for goods through further enhancing efforts to keep non-compliant products from being placed on the Union market. […] This should be achieved by strengthening market surveillance, providing economic operators with clear, transparent and comprehensive rules, intensifying compliance controls and promoting closer cross-border cooperation among enforcement authorities, including through cooperation with customs authorities.”

It is important to note the market surveillance of products regulation would exclude products which fall under the EU Medical Device Regulation (EU MDR), the In Vitro Diagnostic Regulation (IVDR) and the Cosmetics regulation.

Manufacturers intending to operate within the EEA must survey the supply chain to ensure they have up-to-date substance data for in-scope products. Assent enables companies to collect necessary supply chain data to minimize business disruptions due to non-compliance.

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