Final Negotiations for EU Conflict Minerals Rules Underway

Final Negotiations for EU Conflict Minerals Rules Underway

Talks are underway in the European Union (EU) regarding the community’s adoption of binding conflict mineral legislation.  As the Netherland’s Presidency of the Council of the European Union takes effect, the country has stated the passage of a conflict minerals regulation is a top priority during its term.

On February 1st, the EU Council, Commission and Parliament began their review of the proposed legislation. This process, known as the trialogue, is the final stage in the government’s attempt to reach a compromise on the final legislation.

The primary debate right now is on whether or not the rule should be mandatory for downstream companies. Originally, the rule was only to be mandatory for European smelters. However, EU members have since voted to make the rule mandatory for downstream companies as well, which could mean up to 800,000 companies will be impacted.

While the EU is committed to upholding its decision, it is unclear what the results of the trialogue negotiation process will be or what the final scope of the legislation will include. The process includes EU Member States, industry stakeholders, NGOs, and other interest groups.

Assent’s regulatory experts have been following the activities closely and anticipate the EU’s conflict mineral rule to be finalized in 2016. As recognized experts and leaders in global regulatory compliance, they look forward to sharing insights and expectations regarding how these rules will materialize and impact industry.

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