FishWise Guidance Helps Companies RISE to Meet the Human Rights Challenge in Seafood Supply Chains

FishWise Guidance Helps Companies RISE to Meet the Human Rights Challenge in Seafood Supply Chains

The Roadmap for Improving Seafood Ethics (RISE) is providing seafood buyers clear guidance on how to incorporate ethical practices into their purchasing activities — and that guidance revolves around data.

Developed by FishWise in conjunction with partners and seafood non-governmental organizations (NGOs), RISE helps companies meet their legal and ethical labor requirements. It addresses how companies can evaluate and monitor supply chain risk, improve supply chain practices and communicate about policies, expectations and progress.

Human rights violations and other social issues are prevalent in seafood supply chains. That is why, according to its website, the goal of RISE is to inspire widespread engagement from the seafood industry and make it easier for companies to be socially responsible.

The RISE of Data

Throughout the guidance, RISE highlights that data is the true lynchpin of human rights due diligence, and encourages companies to think critically about what data they should be collecting from suppliers and how they can use it to make effective changes in the supply chain.

It provides certain key points companies should address with their data, including data collection from suppliers to improve working conditions and mitigate modern slavery risk.

It also draws a clear line between collecting data on people versus products. Collecting data on people, and using that data effectively to create change, requires a different type of interpretation and analysis than is used to assess product environmental risks. Many companies do not have the expertise on their own to implement the types of data programs required to make real, positive change in their supply chains.

This is why RISE also includes a list of resources and a Referral Hub, connecting these organizations with partners who can help them meet their objectives.

Assent Compliance

As the global leader in supply chain data management, Assent Compliance has been listed as a referral company by RISE. We leverage the industry-standard Slavery & Trafficking Risk Template (STRT) to collect the data recommended by this guidance, and provide insights from that data within our software. The insights gathered from our platform help to inform risk mitigation activities and, as a result, improve conditions for workers in the seafood industry.

In addition, we provide the expertise companies across all industries — including seafold — need to develop and implement a successful supply chain data management program that will meet their social responsibility goals.

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