Five Ways Assent University Can Enhance Your Compliance Program

Five Ways Assent University Can Enhance Your Compliance Program

It can be a challenge for suppliers and internal employees to stay educated on the evolving regulatory landscape. Even the most diligent of employees can be blindsided by new and overlooked requirements. Meanwhile, suppliers that receive data requests related to regulations they aren’t themselves in scope of might not understand why they need to comply, which is why so many go ignored.

A multi-faceted, cloud-based training program like the Assent University Classroom can provide a multitude of benefits for your compliance program. Educated supply chains are more likely to respond to requests, and a fully-trained internal team is in a better position to ask for the right information, validate responses and suggest corrective actions. This minimizes the risk of non-compliance and inadequate data from the supply chain.

Here are five ways the Assent University Classroom can enhance your compliance program.

1. Better Data

High-quality data is crucial to the success of any compliance program. Employees and suppliers need a good understanding of the kinds of data they need to collect, and how to manage and validate it. Due diligence actions based on inadequate or incorrect data are doomed to fail.

The Assent University Classroom can help suppliers understand what data they need to provide, and why it’s important for them to do so. It can also help your employees know what to look for when reviewing responses, make quality checks and determine which follow-ups need to be made.

An educated supply chain is a compliant one. Find out why training is key to a successful compliance program.

2. Communication With Suppliers

Suppliers in regions that are associated with the regulatory requirements you’re collecting data on usually aren’t surprised to get a compliance request. However, suppliers that aren’t themselves in scope don’t always understand what is being asked of them. This compromises their ability to respond effectively and accurately.

Timely administration of appropriate Assent University Classroom learning modules helps these suppliers understand why they need to respond, and the consequences of failing to do so.

3. Regulatory Expertise

The regulatory environment is always changing, and the stakes are high. It’s important for your company to receive the best guidance available, but building a team of subject matter experts with the breadth of experience necessary to keep you ahead of the compliance landscape requires resources that most compliance programs do not have.

Assent has gathered the most impressive team of regulatory experts in compliance, and their insight has driven the production of the Assent University Classroom’s courses. You’ll administer the highest-quality regulatory expertise throughout your organization and extended enterprise without exhausting your program’s budget.

4. Training Delivery

Implementing a training solution across a global supplier base presents several challenges. Different time zones, varying regulatory requirements and poor performance tracking all make it difficult to deliver educational value efficiently. Instead, many companies rely on PDF documents and email communications to interface with suppliers, without any assurance that they have been read or understood.

With the Assent University Classroom, you can deploy a comprehensive learning management system to both internal teams and the supply chain, allowing you to create customized learning paths, track student progress, analyze results and follow up with additional training as required.

5. Accountability

Whether you’re delivering training to internal teams or suppliers on the other side of the globe, it can be hard to know how well recipients are actually comprehending and learning the material. Assessing supplier understanding is even more problematic, as there’s no way to know if learners have read the materials you’ve shared with them.

The Assent University Classroom allows you to see when suppliers or employees have accessed the courses they’ve been assigned, and track their progress and view their assessment results. Built-in dashboards and reporting views make it easy to see who has completed their coursework and review their understanding of it.

The Most Complete Educational Platform in Compliance

Companies that leverage the Assent University Classroom can guide their employees and suppliers through customized learning paths relative to your specific regulatory requirements.  Some topics available to study through the Assent University Classroom include:

  • RoHS
  • Proposition 65
  • Anti-Bribery, Anti-Corruption
  • Human Trafficking & Slavery
  • Conflict Minerals
  • Ethical Sourcing
  • And more!

Assent University also provides access to an array of free supplementary resources, including FAQs, eBooks, whitepapers, case studies, video tutorials, webinars, conferences and online tools.

For more information about how Assent University can enhance your company’s training capabilities, email our team, or click here to view our Assent University resources immediately.