Getting Results: How Assent Leverages Supplier Data to Improve Response Rates

Getting Results: How Assent Leverages Supplier Data to Improve Response Rates

Data quality is an essential factor in every compliance program, yet it is one that is hard for companies to control. Your company may do everything properly, including optimizing its campaign, but your compliance program is only as strong as the number and quality of responses it receives.

One of the questions our clients frequently ask is how Assent manages to secure such high-quality data and response rates from suppliers.

While an easy answer could be the hundreds of years of collective supply chain engagement experience in Assent’s corner, we have another asset that no other resource can match: a vast database of compliance information. Spanning over 400,000 companies, our library of supplier data expedites the collection process and sets your program up for success before the first sendouts even hit the wires.

Starting from Scratch

Compliance teams that perform supply chain due diligence internally have a tough job. In a regulatory landscape characterized by ever-evolving product compliance and corporate social responsibility expectations, teams have to build a solid understanding of their requirements. This isn’t easy, and it isn’t even the toughest part of the job. Often, the biggest challenge is interacting with suppliers effectively and efficiently.

When compliance teams start the engagement process, they usually do so from scratch, with little direction on how to proceed. Faced with the task of doing sendouts for every item listed in their bills of materials (BOMs), there is a fair bit of preparation that must be done before they can begin. They must gather their list of suppliers, validate the list and include any additional suppliers that have recently come into scope. This must be done at frequent intervals due to constantly expanding requirements, which demands regulatory training and oversight.  

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Compliance professionals then must find the right person to contact at each company, a process full of false starts, stops and waiting. Once they’re talking to the right person, that person may not understand the importance of responding to compliance requests. In other cases, suppliers may be hard to work with because they’ve responded to multiple requests already, and are frustrated about sending the same data out repeatedly.

Assent’s Supplier Database Does the Work

Thanks to Assent’s massive database of suppliers, we probably already have information about the materials your products are composed of. When you submit BOMs, your dashboard will auto-populate with all the data Assent has already collected.

Once you have this data, there are further benefits. Even if Assent doesn’t have the compliance data specific to your product, it can eliminate much of the tedious footwork through its contact database. If Assent already has a history of engaging your client, then we have the contact info to get your requests to the right place, right away.

Assent Compliance can help you complete a significant part of your compliance sendouts quickly. That’s one of the reasons we get such high response rates; the faster these preliminary steps are completed, the more time you have to work on supplier escalations.

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