HTRT 1.1.0: Human Trafficking Risk Template Releases New Version

HTRT 1.1.0: Human Trafficking Risk Template Releases New Version

The Human Trafficking Risk Template has released the HTRT version 1.1.0.

The HTRT is the open-source industry standard template that facilitates the collection of human trafficking-related data to help companies comply with major human trafficking and modern slavery regulations. The template, in Excel format, consists of 20 questions and requests supporting documentation when required. Companies around the world use the HTRT to enhance and improve their supply chain-related public disclosures. The HTRT can be downloaded here.

The HTRT version 1.1.0 replaces the previous HTRT version 1.0.6. Improvements and changes to the template include:

  • Declaration tab improvements:
    • Authorizing person now a mandatory field under Company Information
    • Strengthened language for clarity under the Policy Section
    • Adjustments to question 7, sub-questions e, f, g relating to employment agreements to better assess compliance with the final FAR rule 52.222.50 and risk of human trafficking
    • Adjusted question 9 to better align with ILO guidance on forced labor & setting the bar higher with regard recruitment fees
    • Adjusted question 10 to cover verification activities in supply chain and internal operations
    • Expanded the scope of question 12 to cover employees responsible for recruitment
    • Question 16 adjusted to assess scope and legal compliance under UK Modern Slavery Act and California Transparency in Supply Chains Act without the receiver of the HTRT having to review supplier statements
    • Dependency error corrections
    • Addition of comment field
  • Improved Review tab
  • Messaging improved and language modified in the Introduction tab
  • Improved Glossary

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The HTRT is updated frequently by the HTRT Development Committee. To learn about the committee or for more HTRT-related news, visit the HTRT website.

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