IEC 62474: The Electronics Industry’s Material Declaration Standard

IEC 62474: The Electronics Industry’s Material Declaration Standard

Products in the electronics industry are required to adhere to various environmental compliance regulations.

To help these companies demonstrate compliance, the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) created the 62474 Material Declaration Standard.

The IEC 62474 standard is used globally by companies trying to complete product material declarations. It provides a framework, written in XML schema, for the exchange of material composition data. The standard aids in the completion of full material disclosures (FMDs) that help companies stay ahead of regulatory changes by collecting complete product information from their suppliers.

Assent Compliance’s FMD Module allows companies to upload, build and utilize their material declarations to make vital decisions based on product composition data. When companies have enhanced visibility into their supply chain and full access to their products’ composition, they can streamline their programs to save time and money on the compliance process.

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