Investors Urge Canada to Deliver on Commitment to Human Trafficking & Slavery Due Diligence

Investors Urge Canada to Deliver on Commitment to Human Trafficking & Slavery Due Diligence

Many of the world’s most influential nations have committed to addressing forced labor in supply chains, and Canada could be the next country to introduce legislation.

In May, a group of 129 investors managing a collective 2.3 trillion Canadian dollars in assets published a statement urging the Government of Canada to enact its own human trafficking and slavery legislation. Similar to the UK Modern Slavery Act (UK-MSA), the proposed legislation would help identify and eliminate forced and child labor in global supply chains by placing due diligence and annual disclosure requirements on companies within Canadian jurisdiction.

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Investors Favor Sustainability Performance

In the G20 Leaders’ Declaration of April 2017, Canada committed to cooperate with business to eliminate human trafficking, slavery and child labor from global supply chains. Now, investors are urging Canada to follow through by implementing legislation during the current federal term. The group of investors that produced the statement includes global heavyweights such as AMP Capital, Aviva and PGGM — all noted for their commitment to investment in sustainable development.

Many investors give companies that perform well on the global corporate social responsibility stage a higher value than they would otherwise, and seek to partner with those that take a progressive, transparent approach to supply chain due diligence. However, results from the first year of UK-MSA reporting show that many companies have room for improvement. A June 2017 report concluded that only 14 percent of the 2,108 statements uploaded to the Modern Slavery Act Registry met the legislation’s basic requirements, and noted a failure to measure performance.

The investor statement released in May supports the growing trend toward mandatory human trafficking and modern slavery reporting and due diligence for companies operating on the international marketplace.

Human Trafficking & Slavery Legislation Will Keep Expanding

The call to action implores the Canadian Parliament to follow in the footsteps of California, the UK, France, the Netherlands, Australia and Switzerland, where various forms of human trafficking and slavery legislation have been enacted, or are being considered. With respect to these recent legislative efforts around the globe to eradicate human trafficking from supply chains, it is likely Canada will eventually create its own legislation.

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