LSAS Updates & UK Modern Slavery Act Effects on NHS Supply Chain

LSAS Updates & UK Modern Slavery Act Effects on NHS Supply Chain

A recent assessment of labor standards by the Supply Chain group at National Health Service (NHS) UK found that labor exploitation continues to be a matter of concern in supply chains. In an effort to combat these risks, the UK government recently made amendments to the Labour Standards Assurance System (LSAS). 

Updates made to the LSAS procurement towers and contract categories affect products in scope of the UK Modern Slavery Act (MSA). Specifically, the amendments expand the scope of the act to encompass all central government organizations in the UK, including the NHS. As a result, not only will the NHS be performing a supply chain risk assessment in the coming months, but it will require high-risk and post-turnover businesses and suppliers to submit assessments of modern slavery in their supply chains in addition to LSAS declarations. 

Learn how new laws and standards have made human trafficking and supply chain due diligence a business imperative in our infographic, Human Trafficking and Slavery Supply Chain Due Diligence: A Business Imperative.

In an interview with Health Business, NHS Supply Chain’s Ethical and Sustainability Manager, Stephanie Gibney, discussed what more could be done to improve labor standards. “The important thing is to raise awareness of labour standards issues, initiate dialogue with suppliers and imbed a culture of rectification and continuous improvement,” Gibney said. Specifically, Gibney noted ethical procurement as a strategic objective for NHS Supply Chains, including the implementation of LSAS across new contract areas. “Suppliers will find that implementation of LSAS supports the principles of [the UK MSA] and particularly that of ‘transparency in supply chains.’” 

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