New Exemption, Renewals Considered in EU RoHS Pack 16 Project

New Exemption, Renewals Considered in EU RoHS Pack 16 Project

A consortium lead by the Oeko Institut has added a new “pack” of exemption requests to its current evaluation of exemptions for the European Union (EU) Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive. The team will provide the European Commission with feedback in mid-2019 if a proposed exemption and proposed exemption renewals are justified.

The Pack 16 project, contracted to the consortium by the European Commission, launched on September 14, 2018. The eight-month-long project will focus on:

  • The renewal of exemption IV.42 (covering mercury in electric rotating connectors used in intravascular ultrasound imaging systems capable of high operating frequency [> 50 MHz) modes of operation]).
  • New exemption requests for lead and hexavalent chromium compounds in electric and electronic initiators of explosives for civil (professional) use.

The project runs alongside similar projects for other packs. Concurrent evaluations of requests for exemptions submitted for Article 5(1)(a) and existing exemptions according to Article 5(1)(b) are now underway.

Stakeholders will be invited to give feedback during the project’s consultation phase at the end of this month. Anyone who is registered for project updates will receive a notice when the consultation begins; un-registered stakeholders can sign up online.

The Oeko Institut is expected to present an interim report to the European Commission in December 2018 and release the final report in May 2019. The final report will provide wording for a draft commission decision, detailing whether the exemption and renewals should be approved.  

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