PWC Releases Conflict Mineral Benchmarking Survey – Do You Know Where You Stand?

PWC Releases Conflict Mineral Benchmarking Survey – Do You Know Where You Stand?

PWC recently released a comprehensive survey on the Conflict Minerals Compliance landscape. In the comprehensive survey PWC addressed 5 key findings that were:

  1. Many companies still lag behind. A quarter of respondents were still in the early stages of compliance. 26% were either finalizing scoping or planning and performing their reasonable country of origin inquiry (RCOI) but had yet to evaluate RCOI responses.
  2. Many companies have full-time staffers assigned to conflict minerals: 62% of respondents reported they have one to two full time staffers working on their conflict minerals compliance project.
  3. Most companies will not require an independent audit. 67% of respondents anticipated not needing an independent private sector audit in the first 2 years.
  4. Companies are focused on compliance but finding opportunities to make the best of it. 90% of respondents saw their efforts as a compliance excersise but at the same time are starting to see that they a create benefits for everyone involved
  5. Many companies are pushing for conflict-free-sourcing: Almost half of respondents have plans to become conflict-free with 7% planning to do so in the next 2 years.

This survey’s findings resonate with the overall CM landscape that Assent has noted.  Check out Assent’s Conflict Mineral Toolkit For Executives Here:  Conflict Mineral Compliance Toolkit

To see the full PWC Survey Click Here: Conflict Minerals Compliance Survey

Or watch our latest webinar here:


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