Why You Should Be Bundling Your REACH/RoHS/Conflict Mineral Programs

Why You Should Be Bundling Your REACH/RoHS/Conflict Mineral Programs

Is Bundling Your REACH/RoHS/Conflict Minerals Program The Right Choice For You?

It’s difficult to find the time to stay on track with various environmental regulations – REACH, RoHS and the Conflict Minerals provision  (Dodd-Frank Act Section 1502) to name a few – that seem to slide their way into the T’s and C’s of customer contracts. There are many compliance officers (or anyone who gets these duties piled on to their desk by superiors) that would argue the number of compliance requests never stop filling up their inbox!  Once they have done the appropriate work to handle a request it seems there are always a few more creeping in…

Here are three tips below that addresses many of the questions Assent Compliance’s team faces every day, in hopes of improving your compliance team’s efficiency and knowledge:

Centralize REACH/RoHS/Conflict Minerals Information

The ability to centralize incoming requests from customers can reap many benefits for your compliance program. When everything is centralized you tend not to lose information through the gaps between various departments, people and locations. Try bundling your requests for regulations like REACH, RoHS and Conflict Minerals programs within the same system or software; it is much easier to handle requests efficiently and effectively when you are familiar with a system and can find all compliance-related information in one location.


Companies need time to comply with new regulations or make the appropriate updates to existing regulations. To be efficient, make sure to give suppliers (and the people responsible within the company) the time to adjust; not every company has the resources to get things done overnight. For example, the REACH candidate list for SVHC’s updates every June and December –look to survey your suppliers towards the middle or end of July and January.

Bundling Compliance Requests

One of the more common roadblocks companies run into is the decision to handle each regulation request separately or to collect compliance certificates for all of the requests at once. This can be tricky and sometimes case specific! Generally, REACH and RoHS requests should be sent together as it is more than likely to be handled by the same person. Conflict minerals can also be bundled in with REACH or RoHS requests, but sometimes the response rate is higher if sent separately. Just remember this rule of thumb: suppliers can get annoyed and maybe even angered if they feel they are being confused or bothered by certain regulation requests one week and more the week after.

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