REACH SVHC Candidate List Officially Updated

REACH SVHC Candidate List Officially Updated

13 Substances have officially been added to the REACH SVHC Candidate List bringing the total to 84 substances. The update of the Candidate List also includes a consolidation of the entries of aluminosilicate refractory ceramic fibres (Al-RCF) and zirconia aluminosilicate refractory ceramic fibres (ZrAl-RCF). These were originally four separate entries, 2 included in the List in January 2010 and 2 included in the list in December 2011.  The newest entries had fully covered the earlier onse and therefore a simplification via consolidation was merited.

Substance Name EC Number CAS Number
[4-[4,4′-bis(dimethylamino) benzhydrylidene]cyclohexa-2,5-dien-1-ylidene]dimethylammonium chloride (C.I. Basic Violet 3) [with ≥ 0.1% of Michler’s ketone (EC No. 202-027-5) or Michler’s base (EC No. 202-959-2)] 208-953-6 548-62-9
1,3,5-tris[(2S and 2R)-2,3-epoxypropyl]-1,3,5-triazine-2,4,6-(1H,3H,5H)-trione (β-TGIC) 423-400-0 59653-74-6
1,2-bis(2-methoxyethoxy)ethane (TEGDME; triglyme) 203-977-3 112-49-2
4,4′-bis(dimethylamino)-4”-(methylamino)trityl alcohol [with ≥ 0.1% of Michler’s ketone (EC No. 202-027-5) or Michler’s base (EC No. 202-959-2)] 209-218-2 561-41-1
Lead(II) bis(methanesulfonate) 401-750-5 17570-76-2
1,2-dimethoxyethane; ethylene glycol dimethyl ether (EGDME) 203-794-9 110-71-4
Diboron trioxide 215-125-8 1303-86-2
α,α-Bis[4-(dimethylamino)phenyl]-4 (phenylamino)naphthalene-1-methanol (C.I. Solvent Blue 4) [with ≥ 0.1% of Michler’s ketone (EC No. 202-027-5) or Michler’s base (EC No. 202-959-2)] 229-851-8 6786-83-0
1,3,5-Tris(oxiran-2-ylmethyl)-1,3,5-triazinane-2,4,6-trione (TGIC) 219-514-3 2451-62-9
4,4′-bis(dimethylamino)benzophenone (Michler’s ketone) 202-027-5 90-94-8
N,N,N’,N’-tetramethyl-4,4′-methylenedianiline (Michler’s base) 202-959-2 101-61-1
[4-[[4-anilino-1-naphthyl][4-(dimethylamino)phenyl]methylene]cyclohexa-2,5-dien-1-ylidene] dimethylammonium chloride (C.I. Basic Blue 26) [with ≥ 0.1% of Michler’s ketone (EC No. 202-027-5) or Michler’s base (EC No. 202-959-2)] 219-943-6 2580-56-5
Formamide 200-842-0 75-12-7

Companies now need to assess whether they have legal obligations resulting from the inclusion of substances in the Candidate List. The legal obligations include Communication and Notification.

Any producers or importers of articles placed on the market in the EU must now declare the presence of any of these substances (in addition to the existing 53 substances) in an article in a concentration exceeding 0.1% w/w.

Furthermore, these same producers and importers have six months from today (19 June 2012)  to notify the ECHA if

• the (SVHC) is present in those articles in quantities totalling over 1 tonne per producer or importer per year
(b) the (SVHC) is present in those articles above a concentration of 0,1 % weight by weight (w/w),

Finally, any chemicals placed on the Candidate List can also eventually be approved for an authorization list where they will then be banned from use unless an authorization is submitted and approved before the applicable sunset date.

Assent Compliance will be hosting a webinar discussing the responsibilities associated with this update and where these substances are used.

Assent Compliance has a wide range of services that can help your company meet these latest REACH compliance requirements stemming from the update to the REACH SVHC Candidate list in June. These include REACH compliance software, REACH supply chain data gathering, REACH audits, Corporate REACH compliance strategy development and more.

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