Responsible Business Summit Europe 2017: Sarah Carpenter of Assent Compliance to Speak on Human Trafficking & Slavery in Supply Chains

Responsible Business Summit Europe 2017: Sarah Carpenter of Assent Compliance to Speak on Human Trafficking & Slavery in Supply Chains

With the rise of the UK Modern Slavery Act (MSA) and other measures requiring companies to mitigate risks of trafficking and slavery in their supply chains, forward-thinking companies are now viewing due diligence as not only a human rights issue, but a business imperative. This is one of the many topics being discussed at the Responsible Business Summit Europe 2017 to be held in London, UK, on June 7 and 8.

As a panelist for the Human Rights Keynote, The [UK] Modern Slavery Act reordered priorities for many. How are leading corporations responding?, Sarah Carpenter (Senior Business and Human Rights Analyst at Assent Compliance) will be sharing her insights into why companies in scope of the MSA must treat trafficking and slavery as critical supply chain risks, and how they can mitigate these risks beyond the first-tier. Having worked with the International Labor Organisation (ILO) on garment-sector labor reform in Bangladesh, Sarah has seen firsthand the risks to both supply chain workers and corporate competitiveness caused by human rights non-compliance. 

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Sarah will also lend her expertise as the chair for the workshop Human rights – meeting new legislation after UK Modern Slavery Act. The focus of this workshop will be on how to conduct due diligence on forced labor through policy creation, risk assessment, performance tracking and grievance remediation. These are the kinds of core services provided by Assent Compliance, a gold sponsor of the RBS 2017, and the compliance partner of choice for hundreds of companies in scope of human rights standards and regulations. As part of a company’s corporate social responsibility program, the Human Rights Module facilitates the collection of data from supply chains on issues like forced labor and trafficking, allowing companies to benefit from enhanced supply chain transparency and increased outreach efficiency. This also improves the quality of supplier interactions while reducing the volume of communications required.

The Human Rights Module also accepts and validates information collected from industry-standard templates such as the Human Trafficking Risk Template (HTRT). The HTRT, for which Sarah is co-chair of the development committee, is a free open-source template used to assist companies in their efforts to comply with major human trafficking and modern slavery regulations.

Come meet Sarah and a range of other industry, human rights and compliance experts in person at the 2017 Responsible Business Summit Europe on June 7 and 8. Assent clients and friends can take advantage of 25 percent off the registration price with the coupon code ‘ASSENT25’.

To learn how to combat risks of human trafficking and slavery in your supply chain, download the free eBook: Anti-Human Trafficking & Your Supply Chain. Additionally, the Assent University Classroom gives companies the ability to train and educate their supply chains on human rights issues to demonstrate compliance with human rights regulations. Find out more about our world-class training options at, or email us at