Stay in the Know: RoHS Exemptions Analyzed [WEBINAR]

Stay in the Know: RoHS Exemptions Analyzed [WEBINAR]

Understanding exemptions is an integral part of complying with the RoHS Directive.

Under RoHS, exemptions allow companies to use certain substances in specific situations which would otherwise be restricted. There are over 100 exemptions currently listed within the directive, each with its own expiry date.

On July 27th at 1 PM EST, join Assent Compliance for a webinar hosted by James Calder, Director of Compliance Programs, and Valerie Kuntz, Materials Management Subject Matter Expert. They will delve into RoHS exemptions, discuss scoping for electrical and electronic equipment (EEE), identify and analyze exemption expiration dates and changes (new exemptions, changes, renewal and removal), and look ahead to what companies can expect from the RoHS Directive. You do not want to miss this webinar!

Companies operating within the RoHS Directive and using exemptions must always be aware of upcoming expirations. The purpose of an exemption is to give companies time to find an alternative substance to use in place of the restricted substance. By design, exemptions are not permanent. While they can be renewed, these renewals are the result of an application process and can therefore be denied.

It is important for companies to stay on top of their exemptions, be aware of expiry and understand the process through which they can apply for a renewal. Register for the webinar today to gain valuable insights into this process.

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