SEC Conflict Minerals – Assent Compliance Helps Shape The Law

The official documents for SEC Dodd-Frank Section 1502 – Conflict Minerals final rules SEC Conflict Minerals Final Rules 2012 have been released and Assent Compliance has been given recognition as helping critique and shape these rules. Cited 3 times throughout the document, Assent Compliance was instrumental in helping the SEC come to conclusions surrounding compliance costs and impacts on SEC issuers of Dodd-Frank Section 1502 – Conflict Minerals Provision.

Director Jonathan Hughes, who represented Assent Compliance in meetings with the SEC stated “Assent Compliance was happy to participate in the process. There was a lot of misinformation surrounding costs and compliance processes that required expert opinion for clarity. These processes are part of Assent Compliance’s expertise, as recognized by the SEC.  I’m proud of our team and our existing clients who have already recognized the risk and taken up the task of Conflict Mineral compliance.”

Assent Compliance offers a turnkey Conflict Mineral Compliance service including Conflict Minerals Scope Assessments, Conflict Minerals Reasonable Country of Origin Inquiry, Conflict Minerals Reports,and Conflict Minerals Software.


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