Simplify Your Restricted Substances Program [Webinar]

Simplify Your Restricted Substances Program [Webinar]

How do you efficiently manage your restricted substances compliance programs when the regulations and directives are continuously changing and increasing their scope?

On January 14th, Assent Compliance provided a webinar and product demonstration of the Assent Compliance Platform aimed at answering that question.


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This year, companies are beginning the process of incorporating four new substances into their RoHS compliance programs. Many of those same companies are dealing with additional REACH substances of very high concern as well. While compliance departments are scrambling to collect data and stay organized amidst all this change, Assent clients have access to the only software solution that handles all of these various regulations through one platform.

Imagine managing your restricted substances programs from one location. Our solution is quick, easy and reliable. Don’t miss this opportunity to improve your restricted substances program. You’ll learn how to simplify your programs, easily adapt to regulatory changes and why it’s best to manage all your programs from one place.

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