Germany’s Environment Agency and NGO provide barcode service for SVHCs in consumer products

Assent Compliance works with Chemical Watch as both a media and advertising partner. This was recently featured on the chemical watch news. Very interesting, and also parallels one of Assent’s storefront rapid response system for environmental compliance inquires.

First lets look at what’s happening in Germany:

The German Environment Agency (UBA) has teamed up with Friends of the Earth Germany (Bund) to create an online service for consumers wanting information on substances of very high concern in products. Consumers, who have a right to chemical information under REACH, can enter the number under a product barcode into an online form, which automatically sends an information request to the manufacturer or importer. The barcode service will soon be available as an app for smart phones.

Any supplier of a product containing a substance of very high concern under REACH at a concentration of more than 0.1 weight % needs to respond to consumer requests for information within 45 days of a request, at no charge.

Now let’s look at the Assent Compliance StoreFront which comes included in the majority of our compliance packages.

This Solution Allows Customers to:

– Request Compliance Info Online

This Allows Companies To:

– Manage and Track Customer Compliance Requests

– Automate Declaration Responses if Approved by Compliance Team

– Auto reply to customer as request is investigated

– Assign Request To Compliance Team Member From Assent Compliance System CRM

At Assent we have also started attaching QR (quick response) codes to compliance information for some of our clients. QR codes are essentially 3D bar codes that can be linked to online data and quickly scanned with any smart phone.

Are there any other compliance/technology trends you’ve been noticing or would like to see? Let us know!


EHS Software Storefront by Assent Compliance

EHS Software Storefront by Assent Compliance

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