The Assent Compliance Platform: The Perfect Gift

The Assent Compliance Platform: The Perfect Gift

With Christmas only days away, time is running out to find that perfect gift for your compliance team.

Gifts come in all shapes and sizes. Obviously, some are better than others. The best Christmas gifts are ones that are personal, versatile, of good quality and (for the buyer) affordable.

Common gift ideas, like gift cards and chocolates, fill some of those criteria, but certainly not all. This year, instead, consider giving your compliance team a gift they’ll use year-round. The Assent Compliance Platform is a perfect gift idea for your team this Christmas season.



How is a compliance software solution a personal gift idea for your compliance team? Simple. Purchasing a licence for this software demonstrates a clear commitment to the success of your compliance specialists. It identifies a need in the department and represents an investment in the quality of their work and work environment.

Ask any employee and they’ll tell you the most important thing an employer can do for them is give them the tools needed to get the job done right. The Assent Compliance Platform is that tool.

With this gift, you’ll be giving your specialists a tool they can use throughout the year that will not only make their job easier, but will improve their output. A healthy work life leads to a great home life, making this one of the most personal gifts you could give them this Christmas season.



The worst thing about most gifts is that, after a while, they start to lose their usefulness. Once the novelty of the gift has worn off, it just sits on a shelf or in a drawer somewhere.

The Assent Compliance Platform, on the other hand, is versatile. It continuously adapts with changes to legislation, can accommodate multiple regulation modules simultaneously and it scales with your business. Your compliance team will never need another tool and will always be able to utilize this gift to make their jobs, and their lives, easier.

Versatility was built into the Assent Compliance Platform’s design, ensuring the novelty never wears off. Excuse the cliche, but it’s the gift that keeps on giving, no matter what you ask of it.


Good Quality

Nothing is more demoralizing than receiving a cheap gift. Cheap doesn’t necessarily mean inexpensive. In this case, it refers to the quality of the gift. A cheap gift is one that breaks easily or doesn’t work properly to begin with. It looks unfinished or as if it was lazily put together on an assembly line.

The Assent Compliance Platform is the furthest thing from cheap that you can find in the world of compliance software solutions. It was built by a team of professional developers, led by industry experts who insist on high quality performance, functionality, user experience and continuous improvement.

From the moment they access the Assent Compliance Platform, your compliance specialists will appreciate the attention to detail that sets this solution apart from the rabble. Clever features and intuitive functionalities demonstrate the thoughtfulness that went into the software’s design.

The Assent Compliance Platform is reliable, safe, and secure. We proudly stand behind the exceptional quality of our product.



It’s great if a gift has all of the above features, but that doesn’t matter unless the price is right.

The Assent Compliance Platform scales with your business needs, meaning its price scales as well. The software is suitable for all businesses, from small and medium-sized to Fortune 500. The price matches your company’s needs, making this gift one you can afford.


Contact us today at to find out more about the Assent Compliance Platform, to request a demo of the software and to give your team the best Christmas gift they could ask for heading into 2016.

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