The New: How to test for reproductive toxicity

There is a new accepted way of testing for reproductive toxicity, OECD 443.

Since its launch, Reach has received over 220 testing proposals for the endpoint of reproductive toxicity. (ERT) Recently the Extended One-Generation Reproductive Toxicity Study (EOGRTS) has found that under certain situations a one step method of testing for ERT is a viable alternative to the previously used two step method.

While it is not viable in all circumstances it does shed light that as more attention is being brought upon the costs of production and testing to be REACH/SVHC compliant more companies are looking into to ease these pains.

In the past a two generation test was used, either  EU TM B.35/OECD TG 416. Now however it has been determined that a One-Generation Toxicity Study (OECD 443) will be sufficient to generate the required data for current REACH Provisions.

In this test it allows for the testing on just the second generation of a genetic line to ensure that it is REACH compliant. The testing to be completed after the weaning of the animal in question. As always there is limitations and exceptions of this new procedure, but we are bringing you this update to show change of testing standards and techniques change regularly and some of the time for the ease of the producers involved.

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