Top 100 Conflict Mineral Scores Released

Top 100 Conflict Mineral Scores Released

The top 100 scores from the Conflict Mineral Benchmarking Study RY2015 have been released.

“These are some of the strongest conflict mineral compliance programs in the country,” said Jonathan Hughes, Assent Compliance’s Conflict Mineral Program Director. “These companies have not only met their legal obligations, but in many cases have implemented additional best practices to further strengthen their programs.”

The Conflict Mineral Benchmarking Study RY2015 was led by Dr. Chris Bayer of Development International. He and his team of researchers reviewed all 1,216 filers in scope of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s conflict minerals rule for reporting year 2015.

Once evaluated, these companies were listed according to their compliance scores. The top 100 companies were revealed by Hughes in a webinar on August 24th, where he also discussed some of the trends and best practices implemented by these companies.

“The Conflict Mineral Benchmarking Study is a great tool for companies looking to enhance their compliance programs,” he said. “It provides compliance professionals a rare opportunity to look into the best programs in the country, find out how these organizations meet regulatory requirements and take away key insights to use in their own companies.”

This year, companies earned perfect compliance scores across the board. These organizations include:

  • Qualcomm Inc De
  • Intel Corp
  • MSC Industrial Direct Co Inc
  • China mobile LTD ADR
  • Curtiss Wright Corp
  • Chicago Bridge Iron Co N V
  • Hughes Satellite Systems Corp
  • Internet Initiative Japan Inc
  • Aptargroup Inc
  • Key Technology Inc
  • Hasbro Inc
  • Cree Inc
  • Nvidia Corp