US Manufacturing Industry Rebounding – Compliance A Major Reason.

The US manufacturing industry has been hard hit in recent years. This has been caused by a plethora of reasons but slowly it is starting to make a comeback. Cal Dooley, president of the American Chemistry Council (ACC) told Globalchem that the chemicals industry has “made a major contribution to the recent resurgence” But warns that a regulatory framework is required to allow innovation.

Luckily this is in the works, earlier this week we wrote about US EPA’s new list of potential chemicals With reform in the TSCA it gives way to “a sound chemicals regulatory framework.” Says Dooley. Dooley also warns that the US should not rush into all encompassing programs like REACH or a similar system to the way Canadians manage their chemical import and exports as it may cause more harm than good to the industry.

In light of this Dooley has said that the ACC has redoubled its efforts “To pursue improvements to the current EPA regulations”.

Help your company bounce back in the manufacturing industry by being informed and compliant with global regulations and future hurdles that can be avoided.

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