Your Conflict Mineral Compliance Program For 2016 – Manage Internally or Use a Compliance Partner?


The 2015 Conflict Mineral Reporting Period in May has come and gone. As your company reflects on the conflict mineral compliance program from last year and plans for next year and the years to come, have you explored using a compliance partner like Assent?

In this webinar Assent will outline the advantages of using a compliance partner, give cost breakdowns and a software platform overview. If your company is currently managing compliance activities like conflict minerals internally this is a must attend webinar.

Maybe your compliance department has decided to source a solution because work is piling up, there are new regulations to cope with and automation is needed. Whatever the case may be, this webinar will answer any question you may have about whether or not an internal program or outsourcing in right for your company. Assent is here to answer any and all questions you may have!

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