What Is Product Regulatory Compliance? [VIDEO]

What Is Product Regulatory Compliance? [VIDEO]

It’s a long road from a product’s inception to the marketplace.

Right from the outset, products must comply with certain regulations that determine what substances they can be made of and in what concentrations, what materials can be used to make the products, and even where and how the products can be manufactured.

In fact, there are so many regulations that companies hire entire teams to work behind the scenes making sure their products are compliant.

Why should you care?

These regulations are in place to protect the public and the environment from toxic substances, to work towards the elimination of human rights violations in factories and mines, and to reduce violence in third-world countries. The general public may not realize just how hard companies work to make sure their products are safe and maintain an ethical supply chain, nor do some professionals fully grasp how comprehensive these regulations actually are.

Whether you’re new to your compliance job or you’re looking to understand what product regulatory compliance means, we have made a video just for you.

Brandon Waselnuk, Assent’s Director of Product Strategy, gives an excellent overview of what regulations are involved when producing a product. And he does it in under five minutes.

You can watch the video here, or just below:

In the video, Brandon explores the regulatory landscape and discusses how these laws affect businesses and their products. All of these regulations must be complied with, and it falls on Compliance Managers using solutions like the Assent Compliance Platform to get it done.

Product regulatory compliance can be very complicated, but this video gives a quick and easy explanation of what it is and the impact it has on businesses. Click here to watch the video.

For everything you need to know about these regulations, read our blog.