What Kind of Support You Should Demand From Your Compliance Vendor!

What Kind of Support You Should Demand From Your Compliance Vendor!

One of the hardest parts to ongoing environmental compliance, once you’ve gotten a system into place to handle the beast that it is, is the continuing support from your vendor.

While ongoing support is commonplace in today’s world, an informed individual wouldn’t buy a new car if there wasn’t some form of protection on it for at least a few years. Why would you let a major business aspect go without any continuing support?

At Assent, we have a three stage approach to support of our product to our clients.

For many individuals Environmental compliance may be a completely new part of their job description, while others may have years of experience. However everyone needs a refresher on where the world is at as it changes so frequently. Free webinars are one way that Assent provides this information to those who feel the need for it.

There are sometimes questions that need to be answered on a more personal basis and of course a one-on-one conversation is always a possibility to resolve any issues.

From Supplier obligations for downstream users to any technical support problems that may be encountered from any level of user a response should be available from your Vendor very quickly. The software should be updated as regulations and lists change and the answers to questions as they develop over time with each of these new changes.

As with any new (and highly customizable) software, training is a concern for many individuals. Training on use and reporting, a full walkthrough and reference material are all tools that should be made available when moving into ECH software.

These are just some of the things that Assent Offers our clients to ensure they get the proper support your company should demand. If interested in any of our services, please contact us at any time.

Assent Provides:
• Software Solutions for Environmental Compliance (RoHS, RoHS II, REACH, CLP, Conflict Minerals etc)
• RoHS, REACH, WEEE Consulting
• Engineering Assessments
• Custom Solutions and Support
• General Sustainability Consulting
• Conflict Mineral Compliance Services
Contact Assent Compliance for a free consultation on any compliance related issue

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