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Following all web presentations and on an almost daily basis Assent receives a wide range of diverse questions from our clients, from prospective clients and surprisingly enough our competitors.* Unlike many consulting firms we feel that trust and relationship building are key to a long term relationship. If your firm has the occasional question with regards to compliance we feel that Assent should be there as a resource. While there are limits to the amount of free consulting we are able to provide we are more than happy to serve as a sounding board for your company and also do our best with resources available to provide you with top tier Q/A whenever possible.

The first question that will come from the text above is of course:

Q: At Assent you provide compliance software and consulting. Are you saying we can get free consulting whenever we want ?
A: There are limits to the amount of free work we can do but what we are trying to say is, if your company has questions arise from time to time we are happy to help you find the answers free of charge. For large projects we may have to quote for our services but we want to be your “go to” place for compliance Q/A.

During our last webinar which was attended by more than 1000 registrants on RoHS II, CLP, REACH A Guide For 2011 we were not able to answer all the posted questions live. For this reason we will also be hosting live Q/A Webinars on a regular basis. This will be an open forum Q/A lead by one of our consultants. Check back regularly for updated blog posts and links to all of our upcoming webinars. Or contact us anytime through the contact form at: www.assentcompliance.com

*Here is an example of a question that one of our competitors asked us: (asked by Chem Advisor .com)
Q: Is it required to put a phrase like RoHS compliant on a product or product label? If not, woudl you recommend to do so?

Did you know?

Assent Provides:
• Software Solutions for Environmental Compliance (RoHS, REACH, CLP etc)
• RoHS, REACH, WEEE Consulting
• Engineering Assessments
• Custom Solutions and Support
• General Sustainability Consulting

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